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Jose Parra

Chef Parra’s creativity can be seen through the international dishes he presents on the Papi’s Pies menu, whether cherished flavors from his childhood in Durango, Mexico, or American desserts enjoyed living in cities across the Eastern seaboard. The eye for detail comes naturally to him, was but honed through his fine arts degree and career in set design in Mexico and the United States. He is also a stained glass artist and professional photographer in the spare time he no longer seems to have as a restauranteur.

General Manager/Co-Owner

Julio Palacios

Who better than a theater director to be the general manager of a restaurant? Julio is an actor, director, and fine arts photographer, and he has a passion for international cuisine, having lived in Bolivia, Belgium, Mexico, and across the United States. This Bolivian born entrepreneur is proud to witness Central Texas’ love for salteñas, a dish that is central to the Papi’s Pies menu and dear to his heart. Outside the restaurant, he recently directed a bilingual production of Toc Toc, performed in Austin, TX.


Julio-Eduardo Palacios

Papi’s Pies started as a business-to-business bakery conceived by Julio-Eduardo. Perfecting cake recipes from his family’s recipe book, he passed along the concept to his father once the business grew and he sought other projects. When the Papi’s Pies restaurant was realized, Julio-Eduardo came back on board and is a vital part of the family kitchen, creating cakes for both the restaurant and Central Texas restaurants too.

Christina Rudofsky
Exhibits Curator

Christina Rudofsky

An ardent supporter of arts and culture, Christina presents solo exhibits by local artists on the walls of our restaurant. Interested artists should send exhibit proposals to her at