Art Gallery

Local Artists

In addition to being locally-owned and family-owned, Papi’s Pies is also an artist-owned restautant! So, it’s important to us to give back to our local arts community. Each month, we feature a different local artist’s works inside of our restaurant. The Local Artist Series in Papi’s Pies, established in February 2017, has been showcasing a diverse selection of artists working in a variety of media.

2023 Exhibit Calendar: 

January: Center Art Club of Round Rock

February: Louise Calder (Digital illustration with poetry by Amy Jasek)

March: Tracie Storie (Mixed media)

April: Marc Tucker (Photography)

May: Charlie Favret (Photography)

June: Lisa Hoekstra (Watercolors)

July: Rob Neff (Photography)

August: Jessica Snowden (Paintings)

September: Karen Limbaugh (Photography)

You’re Invited!

To celebrate our exhibiting artists and to thank our community at large for its support (thank YOU!), we also throw recurring parties in our garden and restaurant. The parties are free and open to the public. Follow our Facebook page for announcements about future special events at our restaurant.

Garden Murals

We commissioned local artists, who are dear friends, to create two garden murals that you can enjoy while you dine along our extended patio. Artists Charlotte Barbini, Janet Fulk, Janet Oh, and Tracie Storie created a beautiful interactive Butterfly Selfie mural and Friends mural too, which honors our dear friend Sherry Burdine Richards!

Artist-Made Bird Houses

When we first opened our restaurant doors in late 2016, we asked our local artist friends to contribute artistic bird houses to populate our garden and patio. We handed out bird houses, and some artists completely created their own, and the results were so fun and creative — birdhouses embellished with jewels, one made from a gourd, another with an old license plate! Not merely art, many of these bird houses have become homes for new bird families and babies over the years too!

Exhibit History

Artists who have exhibited with us over the years:

  • Art Center of Williamson County
  • Charlotte Barbini
  • Micheal Hammons
  • Frank Mills
  • Kacie Baker
  • Stephanie Estrin
  • Janet Oh
  • Amy Jasek
  • Nelda Sheets
  • Jerry Thomas Smith
  • Kevin Killebrew
  • Shefali O’Hara
  • Amie Gonser
  • Marinda Stewart
  • Heather Michel Riddle
  • Kristine Kainer
  • Allan Gindic
  • Round Rock ISD teachers fundraiser — RRAEA
  • Janet Fulk
  • Manuel Miranda
  • Julio Palacios and Jose Parra (yes, the owners of the restaurant are artists)
  • Lisa Zinna
  • Gary Hook
  • Gwen Dennis
  • Lisa Zinna and Sylvia Troconis
  • Brian Maas
  • Jennifer and Judy Conroy
  • John West
  • Center Art Club of Round Rock
  • Louise Calder
  • Tracie Storie