The debut of our gluten-free pie crust!

We’ve been working on a special dough recipe for some time now.

You have asked for it, and we finally are ready to present to you…..our gluten-free pie crust!

Need a whole pie that is gluten-free? We invite you to call us at Papi’s Pies, and tell us what you’d like. We can now do any of our pies with gluten-free crust by special order.

For these special orders of gluten-free pies, we ask you for 4 days notice. This way, we can do the usual, like shopping for fresh fruit and other ingredients for your order. Additionally, we can put the pause button on production of our gluten pies to make your item. For gluten pie orders, we ask for 2 days notice.

Otherwise, we have an ever-rotating selection of assortment of pies and cakes by-the-slices each day, along with slices of all of our quiches and fritattas, and the rest of our menu too!

Other gluten-free items from our menu include:

House Salad (also Keto-friendly)
Frittata Lorraine
Frittata Florentine
Poblano-Potato Quiche

We also have chocolate polvorones, aka Mexican Wedding Cake cookies, or Russian teacakes. Call in advance to see when they are available, since our dessert offering changes daily.

For any whole pie, whole quiche, bulk quantities of saltenas, or whole cakes, or large quantity of polvrones, please just give us a call, so we can add you to our baking list! We are at 512-828-9047, and you’re always welcome to call us Mondays and Tuesdays, when the restaurant is closed. In fact, that’s the optimal time to place your special orders!

Thank you, dear friends, for your support of our family-owned business.

With love and appreciation from your Papi’s Pies family!